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KosherWorld, as a licensee of the Beth Din, KosherWorld is the only

all-kosher supermarket in Johannesburg, indeed South Africa and Africa.

KosherWorld is a sub-franchise of the giant Shoprite/Checkers group, the biggest buyer of groceries and household products in Africa. We can be priced right, because we pass all the saving their considerable buying

power offers, directly on to our customers.

This also allows us to be competitively priced on a full range of household good, detergents, toiletries, cleaning materials and all your other household needs.

We are also priced right on all our office necessities.

We also stock a limited range of appliances, crockery, cutlery, stationery, garden and pool supplies, and so much more, for you, our valued customers.



We stock the best from a variety of Joburg’s finest Pas Yisroel artisanal bakeries such as Orit’s and Shula’s Bakeries and Feigels


Our range includes: challot, rolls, bagels, cakes, biscuits and other confectionaries. KosherWorld receives daily deliveries to ensure our customers always get the freshest baked products.

We also stock a wide range of bread from major kosher bakeries.

All baked goods at KosherWorld arrive pre-packaged for freshness, quality and hygiene.

We also carry the widest array of seasonal speciality-baked goods for Chagim.


As a franchisee of the OK Franchise Division, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shoprite/Checkers Group, we source the freshest and most wholesome pre-packed fruit and vegetables – whole and cut – delivered three times per week. Our fruit and vegetable products are affordable and ideal for everyday use.

Products required specifically for Chagim, such as Pomegranates and Arba Minim, are sourced at the appropriate times. In most cases we do our own direct imports of items from Israel to ensure the best quality and prices.



KosherWorld stock the widest range of quality fresh and frozen meat and poultry products from our approved butchery suppliers. All of our meat and poultry products from all suppliers are pre-packaged for freshness, quality and hygiene.

We stock meat cuts from Maxi’s Butchery range.

Our large range of Tenderchick poultry products includes both Mehadrin Commission and Beth Din kosher.


Our commitment to you, our valued customers, is to stock the widest variety of local, Israeli and other imported kosher sweets, chocolates and confectionery from around the globe.

In the DIABETIC and DIETETIC range, we carry many sucrose-free, dairy-free, gluten and/or soya-free, sugar, and/or lactose, and/or sucrose-free products, including items with no artificial sweeteners. Parev, Milchic and Chalav Yisroel ranges are available.



We stock a wide range of local and imported dairy products, both Beth Din and Chalav Yisroel approved.

Hard and soft cheeses; milk; yoghurts; butter; cream; and other dairy products with long-life variants in fat-free, low-fat and full cream options.

Non-dairy alternative, are also available in the cheese and milk catagories.



For the benefit of the community, our freely accessible Keilim Mikvah, with convenient parking and open seven days a week.

Should the Summerway entrance to the Keilim Mikvah be closed during store trading hours, kindly ask the KosherWorld manager on duty for the key.

Whatever you have bought - crockery, cutlery, dishes, pots and pans, glassware or any other item requiring toivelling – our Keilim Mikvah is available for you at your convenience

To confirm Halachic compliance in regard to toivelling, kindly ask your Rabbi or the Beth Din.

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